Stars Hara Mikie

Hara Mikie

Birthday: July 03, 1987

Measurement: B94 (G-cup), W61, H87, S24

Height: 163



Quote: Chinese name: Yuan Qianhui; English name: Mikie Hara, Japanese name: Yuan Qiang; height: 163cm; weight: 54kg; measurement: B94 (G-cup), W61, H87, S24; birthday: July 03, 1987 ; Profession: Photo model; Features: Exquisite face, beautiful breasts, and bursting milk; One of the well-known Japanese photo models The beauty catalogue organizes a full set of straight works by Yuan Qianhui, all of which are ultra-high-definition, no watermarks, and large-scale official official sizes!

Quality: WUXGA