Stars Akiyama Rina

Akiyama Rina

Birthday: September 26, 1985

Measurement: 34, 23, 36

Height: 163



Quote: Chinese name: Akiyama Rina; English name: Rina Akiyama; Alias: オ シ リ ー ナ, リ ナ ド ー ル; Height: 163cm; Measurements: 34, 23, 36; Date of birth: September 26, 1985; Occupation: Magazine model, actor, singer; Agent Company: KIRIN PRO (KIRIN PRO); Akiyama Rina, with a delicate and sweet face; a fresh style; compared with her slender limbs and body, the plump arms are particularly prominent, which is known as the Japanese Queen of Beautiful Buttocks;

Quality: WUXGA